Tuesday, October 2

I just wanted everyone to make sure they know, I DON'T check this blog anymore. I have MOVED to www.10-4livingoutloud.typepad.com come visit me there.

Tuesday, September 25

okay, I've done it!

I've started a new blog at :

I've moved to Typepad. It definitely took awhile to get used to the different format, but I think it will be better in the end. Please come see me there.

Saturday, September 22

Maze & blogging help please!

today is Rhys' birthday party. We are so excited to go.She turns one! Here is a few pictures from yesterday when I took the boys to the maze. I'll tell you more about that later, I have to go and start getting the kids ready.

Also I've used up all my photo storage on Blogger. So if you are a super blog person, please tell me, since I have to pay for more storage space for photos, is it better to switch to a Type pad account? I notice that most people are doing that. What is the benefit? Thanks for your help.
  • I didn't realize there was a cap to how many photos you could put on before paying, and I have so many to show you, more layouts like crazy, so I definitely have to decide this weekend what I'm going to do!

Friday, September 21

Design Teams!

So today I am so Excited to announce my new adventures. You guys have already seen me discuss this fantastic product but yesterday Alessandra phoned and she asked me to join their team!!! STIX 2 Yes I'm jumping up & down for joy. Like how cool. They have such great adhesives, I LOVE their PVA glue & foils, seed beads & glitter. I cannot wait. They gave me a package to use at Scrapfest and I came home and foiled everything or added beads & glitter. I'm down to my last 2 foils! So she is sending me my design kit next week. SO awesome! Thank you to everyone in this design family, I've received the nicest welcomes! Also they are becoming a huge sponsor on the Crop & Cruise. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

So last week, I became a part of the amazing team of Tilano Fresco! They have just sent out my package so I haven't even been able to work with it yet. But after seeing Pam's wall, I'm EXCITED! They are donating stuff to the cruise, and both of the Cruisin' Away Crops at Yesterday's Memories. One of their product will be in the package that someone who is NOT scrapbooking there will win. Just come say hi to me for your chance to win this package!
Here is some samples off of their site for you to see the type of products they have.
So this is my game plan: I am currently designing for LUXE designs, Tilano Fresco & Stix 2. 3 totally different companies in style, product & design. It is nice to be able to interact the 3 of them in many ways. So I've decided that starting next week, every WEDNESDAY will be "Design Day" I will feature a layout or project from one of these fabulous companies (maybe more sometimes). I'm going to create individual galleries for each of these companies, then if you want to see a specific product you can. So if you ever have any questions about the products, please feel free to ask. Cannot wait till next Wednesday!

Thursday, September 20

Exciting NEWS!

Well, today started out blah! Truth be told. I couldn't wake up, thank goodness my sweetie loves to phone to make sure I don't sleep through the alarm (I have been known to do this when I'm super tired!) Jag & I took Riley to school, then we ended up pulling out of Riley's school right behind Jim! too funny. So we followed him & then jumped in for an hour to go load gravel and then he dropped us off. Jager LOVED it. (Me too!) So that waws just the bright spot I needed to start the day! When we returned Jager & I went and scoped out places to go and get our family photos taken by Melina. Found a super secret spot too! EXCITED!~ Then we picked up Riley & went home. For the next 3 1/2 hours I was on conference calls to the states, and the coolest people in Canada! My parents dropped by & I only visited with them a brief sec. But it was great. The boys were so excited to see them, and then of course expected to be going to the farm with them. Needless to say our day crashed then. They were so sad. I made a few more calls, and then realized that I was missing the point! My boys were sad, needed attention, and I almost let those moments slip through my hands. So I dressed the boys warm and we went and found a conservation area to go hiking on by the river. We spent almost 4 hours doing that. And I felt wonderful. They smiled, climbed, wrestled, "discovered" new bugs, counted sticks, watched the pelicans & seagulls in the water, crawled on logs...the day was the BEST! So yes I took hundreds of pics! we had so much fun. Then they were HUNGRY! and when our boys say that, it doesn't mean when we get home, it means RIGHT NOW! So the only thing close by was the Berry Barn. Yes most people are now thinking I'm crazy, taking 2 little boys in there by myself. But you know what, I treated them like adults. I let them order what they wanted off the menu, I let them have special Saskatoon Berry lemonade, and then some sweet soul told the waitress that these kids were the best behaved kids they'd ever seen and sent over a special dessert for them. I was told so many times through the course of this meal that they were amazingly well behaved. They even used their please & thank you's without prompt! Yes I was grinning ear to ear! For I knew that sometimes they act exactly the opposite. But I made such an emphasis that this was a fancy place, and we would have a nice meal. I talked Jim's ear off about how proud I was for so long! He totally coudn't believe it was our kids!ha ha. The funniest was that Riley told the waitress, that "This is a beautiful joint, I like it!" So I guess the inner person does still come out. Who says joint? It's funny how kids really are give & take. When I get distracted by things I want to accomplish (whether it's just getting the house super clean & finishing the laundry) I see them acting out more for attention. They just want this time with us! I love them!

So no I did not take pics from my class yesterday. TOMORROW for sure! Anyways I have absolutely awesome news!!!!! I have just been asked to be a part of 2 new design teams. So I am really excited because I want to be a designer for a "real job" for a living! I'm super excited, and I get to work from home and CAPTURE my family memories. So please check back tomorrow, I will reveal the companies and tell you about their fantastic product! And the best part is I get to give some away at my CROPS & the CRUISE!!!!! Are you coming? Remember starting at 10am Saturday Sept.29th I am giving away extra tickets to try to win the major prize for those that couldn't get into the crop. Just come to Yesterday's Memories, introduce yourself to me and it's as easy as that! See everyone can win. I know I've mentioned this lot's but the date is rolling around quick. Come & say hi, visit, shop, and please show me your work! If you are really interested in maybe teaching/designing yourself, make me a photocopy of your 3 best, most favourite layouts ever, put your name,info,email,phone number, blog site & photo of yourself on the back of one. Staple them altogether. I'd love to be able to pass on a bundle of Saskatchewan talent to those interested! There are a few people I know right now searching for additional designers & teachers so maybe YOU might get chosen. Anyways, totally tired. Talk to tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 19


Cheryl, please email me when a good time next week is to drop off your prize. Jody, cannot believe that you were at my house & I forgot to give it to you! Ei yi yi!

So I have an awesome Family Album Class tonight. Looking forward to it. I'll post my class layouts tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 18

So are you coming???

SCRAP SWAP & CHAT is TONIGHT!!!! It's for a great cause. Let's have some fun chatting & munching. Cannot wait to see you guys here! Okay, so I just realized that I HAVE NOT posted scrapbook layouts for awhile. Sorry. I did 5 layouts the other night at splurge but they all were missing some little detail (because I didn't bring those specific items I needed from home, Yes Pam's supplies were a good store that night for me (that girl packed way better!!!!). So I'll try and finish them up and start posting tomorrow! I cannot even say how much fun I had the other night. I am so looking forward to getting together once a month with this group of girls! Okay, got to go start putting out all my swap items on the pool table. (good thing JIm is at work, He'd kill me to know that my scrapbooking supplies are going to be taking over his "domain" tee hee. If you see here, I have extra stamp pads that I never use, why save them??? And if you think that yours are dried out, bring them anyways because there is a cool ink refresher product out there and maybe we can see if we can bring the life back into them. Also, I have an 8 1/2x11 trimmer that I NEVER use anymore. It still is perfect for kids! Here is just a quick photo collection of what my pool table looks like after only 2 boxes of my stuff to give away have been displayed. I have more. Lot's is brand new that I've won at contests and never used, some scraps (but atill really good sizes to work with) Everyone thinks that I'm giving away yucky stuff, but the truth is if you have seen my scrapbook room you'd understand! I'm a hoarder, I save every scrap everything. But I DON'T have the room. So there is a lot of good stuff to go.

href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_2EPGcglbzpk/RvAFiTWXBEI/AAAAAAAABhE/NfHFevG7kq0/s1600-h/IMG_6734_edited.JPG"> so other suggestions of what you can donate: old magazines-resources for the kids is always welcome. pencil crayons markers templates SCRAPS!!! so many uses for these Cardstock PatternedPaper you don't use Ribbon no longer used. buttons stickers
  • this list is endless. Just remember, they are kids, they don't know what is hip and cool and wanting to keep up with the latest scrapbook trends.
  • also, you can come browse for a minute or the whole time. Love to see anyone and everyone come out for this cause!
  • See you tonight.
  • phone or email for an address!